Merkerwork Studios:

Animation, Storyboards and Illustration

Storyboards and Comics

For a Dutch advertising company, Creatie&Co.

(*note….all about socks)

Comic Work

Work from “Widdershins” an eight part Swords and Sorcery (and monsters and barbarians) style fantasy comic featured in “Fusion”, published by Barry Renshaw at Engine Comics.

Pages from the comic, and a couple of extras; a unpublished cover and a rogue concept sketch.

Machines and New Technology (Comic Creators Guild anthology)

Written by Giovanni Spinella,  work for the Comic Creators Guild


One pager for Rob Jacksons "Gin Palace" Anthology

Quick gag written by Andrew Mercer, and illustrated by me. Featured in “Gin Palace” Anthology published by Rob Jackson.


Two page comic for Rob Jackson’s “Gin Palace” Anthology. Available here:

“Younger Looking Flesh”

“Younger looking flesh” A quick zombie tale, written by Eddie Robson.