Merkerwork Studios:

Animation, Storyboards and Illustration
*Animation, Film and Storyboards.

“Noir” animation

“NOIR” Animation (waiting for audio) from Antmerker on Vimeo.

 This is the first of three animations produced for musician Sam Biggs ( to showcase his musical talents. The project involves producing genre based animations, this one Noir (obviously).

Lots of fun; shadows, gangsters, femme fatales and brutal shootings.

Backgrounds for the animation are all modelled in 3D and the characters are all hand-drawn.

Check here and here for some making-of/work-in-progress on the blog.

Business Doodles

Business doodles from Antmerker on Vimeo.

Three of six hand-drawn-like animations produced for inserts into a corporate video illustrating the growth of a business.

Sanex storyboards

Storyboards produced for advertising company Mediabounty and their Sanex advertising campaign.

LessUK Energy Efficiency Explainer Videos

Here are two explainers produced for LessUK, an organisation that provides help and advice to help people save energy in their homes, save money on energy bills and making homes more energy efficient.

Visit the LessUK website here:


Kloo Explainer videos

Kloo Explainer videos.



Storyboards and Comics

For a Dutch advertising company, Creatie&Co.

(*note….all about socks)

Pig #1

Date Night Titles

Animated title sequence for Liam Treacy’s short film “Date Night.”

For more details on Liam’s film, see the Tumblr site here.


Rust 3D Storyboards

Rust 3D are a company based in Manchester who specialise in high quality CGI’s and animations for the building and construction sector. They are currently working on a large scale development called Liverpool Waters which, when completed, will see a 60 hectare area of  historic dockland transformed  to create a world-class, high-quality, mixed use waterfront quarter in central Liverpool.

I produced 30 very detailed storyboards for Rust 3D,  for their clients approval,  of an animated walk-through of the development. The storyboards needed to be architecturally accurate, featuring dozens of the proposed structures and also populated by characters and figures to breathe life into the scenes. Here are just 6 of the 30 frames produced.

Interesting references:

Rust 3D website:

Keep track of the Liverpool Waters development here:

Mr Myiagi.

Concentration. Effort. Focus. One day, Myiagi-San. One day. It’s just a matter of time…..

An animated short by Ant Mercer.

Contains one bad word – repeated a few times

Sound effects from Freesound.
Drawn, animated, acted, scored etc. by Ant Mercer.

Have a look at for a (sort of) making of blog post.


Example of some storyboarding done as part of pre-production for a ‘vicious comedy’ to be filmed in 2011.

Tools: Pencil, Paper and photoshop.


Tags say it all:  Surreal, noir, work, dog, barking, creepy.

Filmed in an afternoon, by @Adam_Y ( and me.

Animated titles (here) will be spliced in at some point.

“Minds Eye” – 48 Hour film competition, Sci-fi London.

A collaboration with the Lancaster Film-makers Co-op for The Sci-Fi London 48hour Film challenge. An  insane hurricane of creativity which involves writing, filming and editing a film over the course of a weekend.  The rules of the 48 hour sci-fi film making challenge are that your finished film has to contain three elements which are given to you on the Saturday morning. Sci-fi London gives you a title, a line of dialogue and a prop which you must work in to your film.  We were participating by text, and at precisely 11.11am on Saturday morning, we received our instructions.

Title: Minds Eye
Dialogue: “Those frightened eyes staring at us, and then we saw them too”
Prop: Three watches showing the same time.

..and so began in intense and brilliant couple of days.

Kudos to all involved, Terry, Louise, Ray, Mark, Adam, Bryan and Rosie (and look at me pretending in that film – I’m terrifyingly in character!) and everyone who supported us. I think we did a cracking job, and it was great fun, and in fact the subsequent couple of days delirium I went through was good fun as well.

It’s not a challenge for the feint hearted and I wonder how many teams around the country were unable to complete.