Merkerwork Studios:

Animation, Storyboards and Illustration


The Lion Guard.

Detailed storyboards for “The Lion Guard” commercial. Using detailed 3D models of one of their playsets, “The Rise of Scar,” I created these fun storyboards. You can see the finished advert here.

Client: NeamTV .





Valutrades commercial.

Detailed storyboards for a advert featuring Valutrades’ mascot, Tim the robot (and special guest racing driver Dino Zamparelli. Advert appeared to 42 million people on Bloomberg. Check some behind the scenes footage on the Vaultrades Youtube channel: here.

Client: Gulliver Moore.




Mr Frosty.

Excerpt from some detailed storyboards for  a Mr Frosty commercial. Using detailed 3D models of one of their ice cream making kits,  I created these ‘boards. Finished advert here.

Client: NeamTV .





WWII Zombie film.

Untitled when I worked on it, but a lot of fun to draw some zombies .



“Benny and the Jets” pitch.

Visuals and boarding for a pitch for ‘s “Bennie and the Jets” reissue featuring a 50’s dive bar and the unexpected arrival of some futuristic women to provide revelries with a b-movie influence. Featured boards and animatics to compliment the pitch.

See Tyler’s pitch below:




Client: Tyler Rabinowitz




Minecon ’16 film.

A quick excerpt from dozens and dozens of storyboards I put together for the third and final part of the “Minecon 2016” film that featured as part of the convention. Featuring the adventures of the hapless Tim and his (and my) introduction into the world of Minecraft.

Client: Element Animation.


Here’s the final part that I boarded out:




Plenty more samples in different styles available on request. 

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