Eye catching storyboards for your proposal, pitch and idea, using a combination of hand-drawn characters and scenarios integrated with 3D props and locations.

Using a mixture of 3D models and hand-drawn sketches I produce high quality, detailed and filmic pre-visualisations of scripts and ideas, which can help bring your project concept to life.



I find the best way to achieve the result a client needs is to work directly from a shot list based on your script.

In discussion with yourselves, I would require as much information about your specific requirements as available (wide shot/mid shot/close-up etc) and any mood boards or reference images should be included. Alternatively, I will make those decisions following discussion about your concept.

Backgrounds and some props are built as 3D models from the shot list.

Rough pass:

The characters and actions are then sketched out on the rendered images of the 3D scenes.

At this stage, I can provide the work-in-progress line work for approval of shot choices and characterisations.

Discussions and suggestions are welcomed at this stage to ensure we are on brief, before moving to the final stage.

Final boards

The final beauty pass. At this stage, the drawing is tightened up, coloured and some final  post production work is undertaken for colour correction and lighting, to produce a storyboard that fits your requirements.