Some clients really want visualisation of their ideas, so they can really bring their product or idea to life through eye catching and highly detailed 3D imagery. Whether your product be a wedding marquee, exhibition stand, point of sale material or a very special event, we can help enliven your idea.


Taking your ideas, notes and reference images, I build a 3D scene to produce accurate images of your proposed idea, whether that be stand, scene or room for a special event. If you’re at the early stages of planning, the flexibility of a 3D scene means that the layout can be revised quickly if elements move around or colour schemes get changed.

If there’s any specific or existing branding that needs incorporating, that can be included at this stage and reflected in the final images. Realistic 3D images could even composited into existing photos allowing you to visually grow your brand or idea.

Once settled on a design and layout, it is rendered to produce a series of images; closeups of different sections, side views, top views etc, so you can really examine your new product, project or event in nearly real life. 

360 and VR videos are also available.