Working with each individual client to create a quality bespoke animation, tailored specifically for their need and purpose. All animation is original and with no recycled or ‘off-the-shelf’ templates, which can also incorporate any existing branding. The results are each client has an exciting, original and creative work which can reflects their business ideals, and really showcase their product.



Working in discussion with each client, and based on their script, voice-over or initial thoughts for your animation, brainstorming possible designs and ideas for your animation in broad brush-strokes and sketches.

Working with the client throughout the process, before moving onto sketching ideas, concepts and even storyboards for characters, locations, colour schemes etc. 

Visual ideas are then sent for approval before moving on to the next stage:

Asset design:

I create each animation from scratch, so that every client has an original and unique work, bespoke to their needs, however in animation, any object (or asset) which appears in the final video needs to be created. So using the designs from the preproduction stage, I create 3D elements which are modeled, textured and rigged as well as drawing and preparing 2D elements so they can be animated and moved for the final video.


All those assets created at design stage then need to be animated!


Once the design has been concepted, created and animated, it needs to be rendered, basically undergo the process generating an image or video from an animation programme. Depending on the complexity of the scene and realism of the render, this can take some time. It is also at this stage that a voice-over track, music or sound effects can be added as necessary, before delivering the finalized animation to the client.