Dinosaur Park Set design/storyboards

Often in my role as a storyboard artist I can work on a project and never hear of it again – projects get cancelled, clients decide to use another concept – many reasons.

But I thought I’d show an advert by one of my clients, NeamTV, for the VTech playset “Toot Toot Friends.” It’s got my dabs all over it.

First of all, I was hired to create the back drop of the set. Here’s a few images from the set of my artwork, printed IRL at huge size.

In addition, I was asked to storyboard this advert too:

…and here’s the final broadcast advert.

*Set photography courtesy of NeamTV.

Annual Report Animation

Motivator Gif

An animation for Luton Community Housing’s Annual report to show the good work they have done in their area and the range of organisations and shareholders they have worked with.

Storyboards and concepts.

A few hand-drawn characters with simple animation were needed for the production; a range to depict staff training, gardening and liaison with local police.

The Gardener
Wagging finger Polis
Background office character

Content_3_TINTE Animation_Development


Trailer to promote the release of a mysterious new German novel; “Tinte Blut.” Specific shot direction but with loads of scope for visual development, this project was

The Character, ‘cos of time pressures of the project, was a little fudged for the actual animation. Not much is revealed and is kept hidden, mainly due to some wonky topology. I hand animated a couple of scenes to inject a bit of character interest in there. I’ve revisited the character a few times since as there’s something about the gangly-ness of the guy that I really like. Just got to get him moving right.