Dinosaur Park Set design/storyboards

Often in my role as a storyboard artist I can work on a project and never hear of it again – projects get cancelled, clients decide to use another concept – many reasons.

But I thought I’d show an advert by one of my clients, NeamTV, for the VTech playset “Toot Toot Friends.” It’s got my dabs all over it.

First of all, I was hired to create the back drop of the set. Here’s a few images from the set of my artwork, printed IRL at huge size.

In addition, I was asked to storyboard this advert too:

…and here’s the final broadcast advert.

*Set photography courtesy of NeamTV.

Classic Computers

BBCMicro & Acorn Electron

Illustrations of two classic computers from the early days of home computing, namely the BBC Micro and the Acorn Electron. Originally, the models were made to produce technically accurate illustrations of the machines for the superb “Acorn – A World in Pixels” Book published by Idesine. Working from detailed reference; photos, old manuals and archival drawings, these detailed models were created, textured and rendered in Blender, initially I produced the wireframe illustrations and some realistic renders for the second extended edition.

The models have found a life of their own since I made them, for instance, go to virtual.bbcmic.ro for a fantastic project to virtually recreate a functioning computer. Here’s some info about the entire project by Dominic Pajak.

In addition to the main computer, I also modelled a Cub monitor – you can buy them on Blendermarket, if you want to get your hands on them, just be sure to credit me with whatever you use them for. I will be releasing the Acorn model through Blendermarket too in the near future.